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3 friends with previous e-commerce experience that share big passion and love for the business.
After a few years that we all sell on eBay and Amazon, trying different platforms that the market offers, we haven’t found one tool that will provide all we need, a one stop shop!
We were looking for a tool that will allow us to manage successful Amazon Stores, with the minimum effort and maximum profit, a tool that builds on smart automation and options to make big profits in minimum time and effort.
We decided to kick off Amz-Scraper, at the beginning only for us to use, but after a short time we realized that there’s a gap in the market and we fit right in there!

What We Do

We are running Amz-Scraper with the idea of providing the best customer support to our clients. Pushing Amazon sellers forward to their goals, to make the best of their businesses.
to gather all the tools an Amazon seller needs to run a dropshipping business in one centerlized location, all in one tool, with an affordable price, and a smile, so come on what are you waiting for? join the family.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Don’t just take our word for it

The month before I found amz scraper I did $950 in profit. The first month using amz scraper I did $4,500 in profit. This software changes the game and is a complete dropshipping tool for the serious entrepreneur.

Aaron Goldsten
Since the day I used AMZ-Scraper my business on Amazon has become easy and much more profitable.
AMZ-Scrapper Has everything in one Place.
This is definitely the best drop shipping tool for Amazon sellers.

Erez Malka
Hands down the best, easiest to use, and awesome support! We do over $1 MM and AMZ-Scraper is essential to our business. It’s our first choice recommendations to my students.

Naeem Jutt
It’s so much easier than other inventory management software out there and not to mention that one price covers not just inventory management, but sourcing and order fulfillment! And to top it all, customer service is awesome!

Eva Dobilas
Amz-Scraper is definitely one of the best, if not the best tools out there for Amazon sellers! From finding the best products, to listing, to fulfilling orders! It has it all! I put all of my students on Amz-Scraper since its an amazing tool and simple to use.

Jaime Sanchez

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